Jag har INGEN distributör eller affärspartner i Kina!

I got an upsetting email tonight from China domain name registration center, who wanted to confirm if I had any business together with BaoYuan Ltd. They want to register ”heljesten” as their internet keyword and domain name in China and Asia.

I can guarantee that this is totally false! I have never had, and am not planning to have, any distributor or business partner in China whatsoever.

When you google BaoYuan Ltd it seems they are up to a lot of different sorts of business, ranging from chemical, electrical, art production to international marriages! I don’t know if Bao Yuan is as common in China as Svensson is in Sweden, but I certainly do not want to be mixed up in any of those activitites. Especially not international marriages.

To this effect, I will publish this text on my Swedish site also, plus on my blog heljesten.nu, where the registrar found me.

If you should hear anything from any Chinese/Asian contact using Heljesten in any form, please let me know immediately!


Jag publicerar ovanstående här på engelska för den händelse någon söker på detta och hittar hit.

Jag har alltså absolut inget samröre med detta dubiösa företag i Kina. Råkar ni på någon kinesisk eller asiatisk (eller annan utländsk) kontakt som använder mitt namn Heljesten i någon form ber jag er kontakta mig omgående!


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