Proofing of my English site

I suddenly realized I have forgotten to say thanks to Jennifer Evans, who has helped me do an extra round of proofing of the English part of my company web site. It was originally written by an English speaking person, later on updated by me, and now yet again proofed by another English speaking person. I am very grateful for the small, but important, improvements made by her. This goes to show that a text cannot be improved enough, there are always some details that can be polished. Thanks, Jennifer!

Business event in Vallentuna

Today I visited the Business event in Vallentuna, talking to a number of local companies and presenting my own offers. There were many exhibitors that targeted new entrepreneurs with coaching, financial and banking services. The most promising contact for me was a highly technical and specialized enterprise. Lunch was served in the college’s student canteen, which brought back memories from a long way back.

Invited to give input

Yesterday I was invited to a customer event together with a few more select suppliers to give feedback and input on their new supplier system to-be. It was a very pleasant and constructive meeting, and I believe many of our suggestions and opinions were well received.

I am looking forward to seeing the result in Q1 or so. Afterwards we all enjoyed a nice lunch.